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Asus Google Nexus 7

Rsdaa 25/11/2021 32


Release Time:Released 2012, July

Dimensions:340g, 10.5mm thickness

System:Android 4.1.2, up to 5.1.1

RAM:8GB/16GB/32GB storage, no card slot

Nexus 7 2013 Tech Specs

Comments on Nexus 7 2013


24 Jul 2021

Can't imagine this thing even existed. Whaat??!!! And was out of reach for a younger me. Smartphone tech really becomes redundant fairly quickly.

Asus GN7

06 Nov 2020

True With Stock OS It Can Only Run Application & Crash On Almost All Games (Bad Software Update 5.1.1/Old Chipset). Root It, If U Want To Run Games & Application (Faster).


21 Jun 2020

There is an LTE option for this device. Not to be rude, but these specs are a bit incomplete.


14 Jun 2020

Is it available in touch display in Bangladesh?

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