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DNS Server Not Responding PS4 Fix - Actionable Solution (2021)

Rsdaa 25/10/2021 1032

Welcome to the complete actionable solution for dns server not responding ps4 pro and all versions that connect and work on any network step by step. Whether it’s a PS4, Xbox or even a computer, any type of DNS errors occur when there’s a problem with connectivity and the internet is cut.

Therefore, we’ll look at the possible causes and 100% working solutions to ps4 dns server not responding step by step in this article. Alright, let’s get started.

How to fix dns server not responding ps4

We have already explained information about domain name systems and IP addresses on our previous solutions to windows 10. Below are the main root causes for the DNS server not responding on ps4.

Broken internet cable, for wired LAN and ethernet connections.Suspended network account or disabled by the ISPMisconfigured DNS NW-31253-4 and NW-31254-5Network attacks or malware in the systemDamaged Modem or router

While all other causes are physically and theoretically based, we can still take some actions to fix the misconfigured DNS settings in NW-31253-5 or NW-31254-4 inside our Sony Playstation 4. Let’s learn how.

1. Custom DNS (Fixing DNS NW-31250-1, NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, and NW-31246-6 errors)

The solutions for the above four types of DNS server isnt responding ps4 errors can be fixed by applying custom domain name system addresses.

First of all, power on your Playstation.Then, navigate to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection.Now, choose if you are using a cabled LAN network or wifi such as Xfinity. Make sure that you’re connected to any of them before proceeding.Select ‘Custom Setup’.Click on ‘Automatic’ under IP address settings.Switch to ‘Manual’ under DNS settings.For primary DNS, type DNS Value: click on next and select “Automatic”.When the prompt for proxy server appears, go for ‘Do Not Use’.

At the end of step 10, you should be able to use the internet once again on your PS4 device and enjoy online gaming. Please note that we are using the primary and secondary free DNS servers provided by Google. You can try alternative servers launched by OpenDNS, CloudFlare, and more if you wish.

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2. Restore Default Network Settings

In case, the above step doesn’t help, move to our next solution which is trying to reset the PS4 Network settings.

Disconnect the system from WiFi or LAN cable.Long press the power button for at least 3 seconds to power it off.Do not release the power button until you hear the second beep, normally takes around 7 seconds. This will boot the Playstation 4 in safe mode.Make sure that the PS4 remote controller is connected via USB cable.Select “Restore Default Settings”.

Once the process is done, check if DNS server ps4 not responding still persists or not. The errors like NW-31253-4 and NW-31253-6 should be gone as well. Also, this is a completely safe method as no personal game data will be deleted after executing it. It will only erase the modified settings and reset to system default that might be causing issues.

3. Install Antivirus

Playstation 4 is not developed on any of Windows, Mac OS, or similar operating systems. It means that PS4 is not vulnerable to viruses and malware that attack a desktop computer system. However, a PS4 console has its own programming code and OS that could make it exposed to different types of threats that normal computer users don’t face.

When it comes to writing a script or code, for hacking purposes, a hacker doesn’t need a reason. Maybe, they want it to get expensive game downloads for free, some accounts, or just doing for fun to show off their skills. Therefore, any device which is exposed to the internet is always at risk of being a target, not only limited to PS4.

The presence of such threats and malware could be causing DNS server ps4 not responding error on WiFi or LAN. Fortunately, there are already security programs and software designed to fight against viruses on Playstation 4. Trend Micro Web Security is a program built for similar purposes that helps to fight against viruses and threats on PS4.

Although the developers might claim that a PS4 is completely secure and might need to convert into a computer system by a coder to exploit, prevention is always better than cure.


1. what to do when DNS server is not responding ps4?

We can set custom DNS addresses and restore settings to fix the DNS server on PS4. In addition to that, we can try installing an antivirus program specifically made for PS4 to eliminate any security threats that might be causing the issues.

2. how do I reset my DNS settings on PS4?

To reset DNS settings on PS4, simply reboot the console on safe mode by removing all the network cables and disconnecting wifi. Then, we need to select "Restore Default Settings" during start-up.

3. why is my DNS server not responding ps4?

There are many causes for an unresponsive DNS server on PS4 such as misconfigured DNS addresses, damaged modem or router, broken cables and wires, internet disabled from ISP, Network threats, and presence of viruses.

4. what does DNS do?

The is a primary DNS server address provided by Google DNS that converts our default network DNS to Google's DNS while browsing the internet and helps to solve various errors and problems related to Domain Name Systems.

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The first and second solutions to set custom DNS addresses and resetting device configurations work for most users in 99% of cases if the issues are not caused by the Internet Service Provider. Also, the need for an antivirus to fix dns server not responding ps4 is rare as the first two solutions should already work.

Now, let us know in the comments below if you are able to connect to the internet by using any of the methods mentioned above or not. If you have any new solutions, you’re welcome to share them as it should help our other readers as well. (See you there) 🙂

Hello there. My name is Kiran & I’m a former law student and currently a batch holder of the BSC CSIT faculty. I love developing websites & I’m also the founder of aim4slam.com educational portal. I hope you’ll enjoy the content published here at “Aim4Slam” and find it helpful. Thank you for visiting my website.

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