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Fastest DNS Servers for Ps4 - 2020 [Best DNS Only] - PS4DNS.COM

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Fastest DNS Servers for Ps4 – 2021

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Don’t you just hate when your Ps4 internet runs or shall I say crawls like a snail? Are you also getting bad speed in your internet connection and want to smash your ps4 console due to slow DNS servers. Well, we too. While mostly connection speed problems may be related to your bad internet provider but sometimes you just are the prey to bad DNS configuration.


While often it’s ISP or DNS provider work to configure your DNS services but still you should assign them manually for your console. Sometimes a badly assign DNS can decrease your internet download speed up to 10x and I have got my experience to back that up. While sometimes DNS simply will have an error to Ps4 servers so it won’t let you connect to the online server. Either way, it is best to have Fastest DNS Servers for Ps4 or best DNS for ps4 so that nothing will come between you and your smooth gaming experience.

You might want to have the fastest DNS servers to achieve a better gaming experience. So today we will show how to use the PS4 DNS settings page to assign the fastest working DNS for your ps4.

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What is a DNS server?

Fastest DNS Servers 2019

Basically, a DNS server“Domain Name System” is a server which contains the collection ofIP address with their corresponding hostname or shall I say the domains. DNS resolvers are used to resolve the IP addresses and domain names. It helps to translate web addresses (like ps4dns.com) to their IP addresses (like DNS helps to establish a connection between human-readable address and computer-readable address behind the network scene. While many other reasons may slow down your internet speed like rebuilding the ps4 database but still assigning the best DNS for ps4 will surely help to achieve good internet speed. The following listed below are some of the best DNS servers for PS4.

What is Router DNS

Nowadays most of the Routers come with the settings with already set DNS by your ISP due to which they nowadays block some websites directly from browsing and other tasks like monitor what you are surfing or anything you visit.

Due to Router DNS settings when you visit any website thenrouter DNS ask your ISP DNSfor surfing the requested URL and then only you visit the website

Fastest DNS servers 2020 For Ps4

Below is a list of Fastest and Best Dns Servers For Ps4:

*Above are some of the free and fastest DNS servers you can find and use for your ps4 console.

Now hope you got your answer to What’s the fastest DNS for ps4?

*Primary DNS is also called preferred DNS e.g if you want to use Google DNS server ps4.

*Secondary DNS Is also called alternate DNS for e.g if you want to use Cloudflare DNS server for ps4.

How to Use the Fastest DNS Servers?

To use these DNS servers for your PS4 devices just follow these instructions and enter this DNS on your ps4 DNS settings page:

Fastest DNS ServersGo to settings and then network.Now go to set up an Internet Connection.Use either Lan Cable or Wi-Fi and then choose custom.Choose Ip Address as Automatic and use proxy ps4 ports as manual and DHCP Do not specify.Use automatic MTU settings.In DNS server settings use Manual and type in the preferred DNS in the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS bar e.gps4 DNS settingsps4 DNS settingsps4 dns settingsprimary DNS server setup

If I want to use Google DNS then I will type in primary DNS and in Secondary DNS. Google DNS is also considered as BEST PS4 DNS along with Open DNS.

How to Check DNS speed?

You can check Which DNS is performing in your Gameplay be the two ways.

Manual Test of DNS server: If you plan to check your DNS server settings and speed which is working faster then you can change and try every DNS server list from above but this is a little messy so I recommended you to do automatic Test.

Automatic Test of DNS server using Namebench : Using this Namebench software by google you can automatically check which is the fastest DNS server and you can use Those DNS servers for your ps4. Don’t worry I am also going to tell you how to use namebench

How to do an Automatic Test using Namebench

You can download Namebench software from google Download Now

For mac, you can download it from here

DNS server ps4 test namebench

You can see the nameservers below there is a place where you can input your DNS server list for testing.

Now you can Run the Test on the Namebench after inputting all the DNS server list for the best DNS server.

Why Use DNS Servers?

Well, there are many reasons you might want to use the best DNS servers for ps4 or a new fastest DNS server 2020 that is different than given by your ISP.

So, first of all, why use DNS servers, and which are the best ps4 DNS? Basically, a DNS server“Domain Name System” is a server which contains the collection ofIP address with their corresponding hostname or shall I say the domains with the help of DNS resolvers.Below are the reasons, why using a DNS server is a better idea :

Enhances security: You might not know but using a bad DNS can be dangerous which is backed by reports. DNS servers can be like a firewall against redirects, viruses, spam tools, etc.So you might want to use a secure DNS to protect you from mis-identity, thief, and phishing attacks and enhance the gaming experience. Also, make sure to CHeck your Nat types for more security enhancement.Increase Download Speed: As I said before having a good DNS that is near to your location and runs 24/7 can help for better communication between the server and the computer which directly leads to better Download speed. You might want to change to a more suitable DNS near to your location if your ISP has assigned you a very far located DNS. It helps in faster game downloads and enhances the experience of remote play in PS4 also suggested by namebench DNS.Unblock Certain Websites: A website and apps can be blocked to a certain DNS. Some ISP assigns specific DNS so that some websites are blocked like Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, etc. In order to unblock that you might want to use a certain DNS for your device. Remember not all DNS unblocks websites but you can find many which do unblock websites.

Questions Related To Best DNS servers For Ps4

1. What DNS server should I use for ps4?

You can use any one of the above DNS services for your Ps console. Just go to settings > Network> Custom and follow the instructions.

2. How do I change the DNS on my ps4?

Just go to settings > Network> Custom and follow the instructions. When you get to the DNS options type in primary and secondary DNS from the above-listed DNS services.

3. How do I find my DNS server?

If the DNS is assigned by your ISP provider then you can contact your ISP or just enter your router IP address in the web bar and go to your router settings panel to see your DNS structure.

4. What is the best DNS server?

There isn’t a specific best DNS server but the above-listed ones are among the great ones that run 24/7. The best in terms of stability may be google DNS because of its availability all around the world. Remember the best DNS server for PS4 may not be the fastest DNS servers for ps4.

5. How do you find your preferred DNS server?

Usually, public DNS that are near you or Google DNS are good DNS servers you don’t know any good DNS provider.

6. What is the DNS server of Google?

7. Where is the ps4 DNS settings page?

Ps4 DNS settings page lies within in-network and there is an option to use DNS for ps4. You can enter your DNS and IP addresses in there to enhance your console speed and connectivity along with using ps4 ports and MTU settings.

Above are some of the best DNS servers for ps4 that you must use to get better internet connection speed. The most common reasons why we should use the fastest DNS servers for ps4 is to enhance the speed of the console and your gaming experience. Also, be sure that there are plenty more reasons for low connection speed than then ps4 DNS only. If you want Any help regarding other DNS issues like

PS4 DNS error

or tricks regarding PS4 DNS just follow this page about



Other Ps4 fixes

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