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A dns server cannot be used ps4;Problems playing online with ...

Rsdaa 24/10/2021 1134

A dns server cannot be used ps4.Current desktop consoles allow us to enjoy all kinds of multiplayer games with which to enjoy your favorite titles online. The problem is that, even if you have an excellent Internet connection, it is likely that from time to time you will have problems playing online with your PS4 . You may have a problem with the PlayStation 4 , but it could also be a bug that has nothing to do with your console. And this is where DNS servers come in.

You may know this term perfectly, or you have no idea what DNS means, but after explaining what this connection system consists of, we are going to show you the best options so that you can connect to the Internet with your console in a very faster. And yes, the necessary steps so that you can change the DNS on your PS4.

Why A dns server cannot be used ps4

Say that the DNS or Domain Name System refers to a decentralized hierarchical naming system for connected devices. Or what is the same, it is a protocol used on the Internet or through private networks. Its usefulness is vital, since it has the function of translating the name of a domain to an IP address. Come on, it is a gigantic database in charge of storing the information associated with the domain name, being able to associate it with its IP addresses.

So, when we write the name of a domain in any browser, it is translated into the corresponding IP address to access the server where the web is stored and to be able to access all its contents. Obviously, when we hire an internet service through an operator, it is the company that assigns us a series of DNS by default. But of course, alternative servers offer some advantages over those that come pre-established. And the differences are more than remarkable.

For starters, alternate DNS servers offer greater stability, better actual uptime, and greater reliability. In addition, they offer load speeds much lower than those of the DNS of operators, since they are less saturated. Are you concerned about security? Know that these Domain Name Systems offer better protection against phishing attacks.

Although, one of the most interesting points comes with the possibility of accessing domains blocked by geolocation. If you live abroad, you will like this item quite a bit.

HOW TO CHANGE DNS ON YOUR PS4./A dns server cannot be used ps4;

To change the DNS on the PS4 you must do the following:

First, access settingsFind the Network option and go to Configure Internet connectionNow, choose between WiFi or cable, depending on how you have your console connected to the InternetThen, do not change the automatic option of the IP Address, but in DHCP select the option Do not specifyFinally, in DNS settings select the Manual Mode option

You only need to modify the primary and secondary DNS. As you will see, the process is very simple, so you don’t lose anything by trying it. Finally, we are going to leave you with a list where you can see the best DNS for your PS4.

BEST DNS TO USE ON PS4/A dns server cannot be used ps4;OpenDNS Home – and – and Quad9 – – and (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)Level3 – and – and – and Secure DNS – and – and – and – and – and – and – and DNS – and – and – and Electric – – – and Estate – – and –, Family – and

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