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Rsdaa 25/11/2021 1145

Playing on an Asus Gx800 Pris is much like bringing a minigun to a gunfight. There's literally nothing you can't handle. While a single GTX 1080 is within 10% the performance of its desktop equivalent, GX800 is a laptop boasting two in SLI to ensure you can compete even when pit against full desktop behemoths. The caveat is that now there's no excuse for not walking away with a victory.

Now how is it possible to cool two GTX 1080s and the top-of-the-line Intel Core i7-6820HK processor so they not only run at full capacity, but overclocked as well? The Hydro Overclocking System provides liquid-cooling to all components, and the route maximizes efficiency as you can see (below) the fresh cool liquid entering the laptop go straight to the processor and the first graphics card before reaching the second, which typically requires less cooling than the first.

The Hydro Overclocking System boosts the processor clock from 3.2GHz to 4.2GHz automatically, the graphics cards can be overclocked to 1,961MHz, while video memory and DDR4 memory (up to 64GB) can be pushed all the way up to 5,200MHz and 2,800MHz respectively. When overclocked, GX800 achieves a score of 10,395 in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra. Suffice to say, this is VR-Very-Ready.

Some may question this solution and ask why not put the graphics cards in the dock, quite simply put - GX800 is created for the ultimate experience whether you're near the dock or not. No, putting the dock on your lap is absolutely not necessary. In addition, if using a dock with external graphics air-cooled, compromises are necessary when it comes to bulk and silent operation.

Desktops end up with the best technologies and quite often laptops are left out - ROG wants to put a stop to it. GX800 has a massive 18-inch Ultra-HD (3840x2160) display with G-SYNC, a MechTAG keyboard with mechanical switches and AURA RGB backlight effects for individual keys, not two but three M.2 NVMe SSDs in RAID 0 configuration, Thunderbolt 3 for up to 40Gb/s transfer rate, wireless 802.11 AC with an external antenna, and a high-end ESS SABRE headphone DAC and amplifier for perfection in every aspect of a gaming experience.

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