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Cross Server Parties

Rsdaa 10/12/2021 1137

The only restriction I'm aware of is that it can only be done within the same data center. Other than that it would function the same as the current Party Finder. Sophia was put directly into Raid Finder this tier, as was Alex Savage. The reason we need a Raid Finder is so people who are learning can play with likeminded and people who are farming can do the same, since you have to at least clear the fight before you can enter with that setting. Aside from those changes, it's no different than DF.Also, I had great luck with Sophia in RF on its release and hope to have the same with this new primal. However wait too long and people stop queueing, unfortunately.

Oh i agree about Raid finder just unfortunately have had no luck with it nor Savage. Still think Ex fights should also be added to df on release, i would like to know the actual reason they do not add them until months later, it makes no sense to me.

Leviathan is also not like it used to be, it seems less receptive to new raiders or those that wish to start raiding in the new content, even "learning" parties require you to know up to a certain phase. This has depressed me so much that i was considering a different server or unsubbing, lol Upcoming changes may allow myself and a few friends outside of the FC to actually do content when it is out not weeks later

They're put directly into Raid Finder when they're released, what would be the benefit of putting them into Duty Finder instead? For some reason I completely forgot about Raid Finder. I was relying on FC or Linkshell groups, as well as PF. I should have been using RF for Sophia Ex, but at least I found some Linkshell groups to do that. I will definitely be paying more attention to RF in the future. I guess the benefit of RF is that you can find players who are at the same stage of the fight (in theory). The thing is myself i had also forgot about raid finder until a week or 2 after Sophia was added. I think because players are so used to DF they completely forget RF exists. I have tried RF on a few occasions, people were just rude :/ I will try again once new Primal hits.

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