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How To Choose A Tablet For Your Child: Four Best Tips For You

Rsdaa 08/07/2022 1753

Today, the tablet has become an integral part of our lives. Even some children sometimes need to use a tablet to do their homework. It is almost impossible for children not to touch the tablet at all. Therefore, in order to preserve the physical and mental health of children, there are many factors to consider when buying a tablet for children. What to look for when choosing a tablet for a child? Let's take a look!

How To Choose A Tablet For Your Child: Four Best Tips For You

Screen And Size

First and foremost, I believe that when choosing a child's tablet, the most important thing is the resolution and size of the screen. Because they have a direct impact on a child's eyes. Don't choose a large sized tablet for your child. A large size tablet looks very bulky, it is not easy to hold in hands, and it is uncomfortable to carry. A 8- to 10-inch tablet is enough for kids to do their favorite things. 

At the same time, the more pixels in the image, the higher the quality of the image. And the less tired the child's eyes will be when they read comics, play games or watch cartoons. Therefore, after determining the appropriate size, it is best to choose a tablet with a higher resolution. However, it is recommended to choose a screen resolution according to the age of the child: not the higher, the better. For example, the resolution: 1280x800 - enough for 4-5 years.

The Operating System Of The Tablet

The most common on the market now are iOS and Android systems. All have not only advantages but also disadvantages. You have to choose the right operating system according to the real situation of your child. However, I recommend you to buy a tablet with the Android system.

The child does not need to perform highly professional tasks. At the same time, the price of Android tablets is much lower, which is acceptable to most parents. Most importantly, most of the software in the Android system is free, you do not need to spend extra money. You can download various games and educational programs for your children.


After buying a tablet, kids mostly use it to play games or watch cartoons. It is very demanding on the iron. Nowadays, the processor can basically be divided into 3 cores, 6 cores and 8 cores. If your child is less than 6 years old, it is recommended to choose a 3-core processor, and if more than 6 years old, you can choose a 6-core. Whether it's a 3-core or a 6-core processor, they can load their favorite movies, games and images, and open multiple apps at the same time. That's enough for them. It is better not to choose an 8-core processor because this is a device for adults and professionals.

How To Choose A Tablet For Your Child: Four Best Tips For You


Whether for adults or children, battery life is very important. When watching a movie or playing a game, suddenly draining the device is a bad thing. Because of this, there are several parameters to look out for. First is battery capacity. Almost all tablets now have a battery capacity of 5000-6000 mAh, and some can even reach 10,000 mAh. In principle, this is enough. In addition, if you buy an Android, it is recommended to buy a tablet with a large capacity, because it will run out faster. If you are worried that quality can not be guaranteed, buy a tablet of a well-known brand, such as huawei tablet t10. You can say that it is a tablet specifically designed for children, and the quality is top-notch in all respects.


The above suggestions are all factors to consider when buying tablets for kids. If you don't think about it before you buy, but blindly buy a tablet, it will most likely be a waste of money and can also have a bad effect on your children. Hopefully, you can buy a tablet that fits your child's actual needs.

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